an audience who will be the players on the stage
  • in the end ”time” realized me, make me realize that life is very short indeed..
    this awareness change my mind to use time optimally, maybe this word is to cliche! have to realize it that you only live once, and i’m not the kind of people who believe that human could be reincarnated. if God authorized me to come back to the past.. i would to living this live more meaningfull,meningfull in every second of it i don’t want to missed a thing in a moment even just a second of it.

  • Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone -anonymous

  • Dilahirkan serta dibesarkan di negeri ini Makan dan minum dari hasil kekayaannya Oh.. tiada yang kucinta dan kubangga selain dirimu “Bumi Pertiwi” DIRGAHAYU NEGERI KU💕💕💕 Semoga dikemudian hari diriku dapat berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa ini Amin!! #EDISI #HUTRI #INDONESIA #JAYA #TERUS

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  • at Pari Island

  • adailypickupline:

    I’d like to play on your laptop.

    Request: grimstrategy.tumblr

  • Cause i don’t have a reason to love u ukhtis♧